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14 Aug

Want to Lose Weight Stop Dieting

By: fineandfittv – Categories: – August 14, 2014

I could have titled this one “Want to keep on losing weight? Stop dieting”. The human body is wise. Back when we were hunters and gatherers, survival depended on food supply. Lack of food lead to death. So the body adapted: when food supply is ... Continue Reading

13 Aug

Six Pack Abs the Big Picture

By: fineandfittv – Categories: – August 13, 2014

The point of this article is to help you grasp the big picture of getting six pack abs. In short, to get six pack abs, you need to get leaner and develop your abs’ musculature. This is done through training and nutrition. The topic of nutrition is c ... Continue Reading

12 Aug

Abdominal Exercises Progression

By: fineandfittv – Categories: – August 12, 2014

Because of tradition, abdominal exercises are often executed in long sets of 50, 100, or even 200 repetitions. Friends even turn it into a contest: – “I did 4 sets of 200!” – “Really? I did 6 of 300.” Who would get the ... Continue Reading